I wanted to thank the whole team of therapists, psychologists for their help, my transformation from an alcoholic to a cured alcoholic. No, no miracle will happen in 28 days but you will be in 30% of the way and you will look forward to the next journey the return to continue … ..they are different options then at home … but albeit. 🙂
Special thanks p.Mgr. Kateřina Macháčková, Katka thank you! (You know how I could write it, say “abruptly” :-)). Katka knew exactly how to find a wound in her body, squeezing a knife at her sometimes, drilling in the wound, and putting salt there … that burned it in the pain, but it destroyed the infection and the wound healed well! Thank you!
Not all ladies with me were easy, a ram, a former business manager for more than 20 years, a little humble, with the feeling that everyone has to help but he did not know it any more.
My decision to go to Brandys I solved 6 months, found out, checked and tried to handle it myself. Error!!! Big mistake! When I thought so, one argument was enough, and the first glass went off. You are always the first to drive, the next one is taken over by your “friend” in your head, who continues to drink for you. It was necessary to realize that. They will help you here in this change of mind, helping you with visits to AA-anonymous alcoholics, but also making time for yourself to swim, yoga, exercise. Everything you talk about straight, straight and that’s great!
Treatment for individual and group therapies is very intense, lots of homework that you love because they help you. I was here with a colleague who came here from a state hospital … … he was in a pretty bad mental state … and that’s a great doctor. I would not comment more.
I highly recommend each stay here and I am able to talk to you by phone. Mr. Ing. M.Master is authorized to give you, potential clients contact, to my person … Mr. Maštero, thank you for coming up with this idea to help us heal!
If there is an ALCOHOL problem with you, you can get the money for the treatment, or you have, come and help you here.
Leaders and therapists know what they are doing, and I do not want to disassemble anything, but I just say that some have a personal experience with this demon that lies in our head and destroys us … There is not much chance of fighting alcohol, as you will see on AA therapies , alongside homeless people and well-known artists, you will understand that this is not really fun … Staying here is worth it, but if I can recommend, evaluate it IHNED and go, do not think, do not try it, it is useless, without help it You DO NOT GO. I was the bastard who thought he could handle it, and for years I did a lot of difficult life and health complications.
This system of treatment with the KBT method is on a big upswing and I believe that those who care about themselves and their loved ones will find their way here.
Hi, I’m Martin and I’m an alcoholic! I’m Martin and I’m a cured alcoholic and I’m proud to have given it and I’m sure to give it! , 45 years

I was fortunate to have shown your company on the Internet in search of someone to help me deal with alcohol dependence.
In the period from 2 November 2015 to 29 November 2015, I went to Brandys nad Labem – Stara Boleslav to undergo treatment with KBT – MMC – Minesota method center.
I have to say that I’m somewhat in shock now, because everything I’ve experienced in the 28 days you’ve been experiencing is fully consistent with the information on your site and in a way this information outweighs.
Nowadays, aggressive and deceptive methods and practices have experienced a real miracle. I do not overdo it – I have a feeling that a different person has left you than the one who came 2.11.2015. No brainwashing and humiliation, as is the case in most state psychiatric hospitals (I had the “honor” to personally experience “treatment” in the state psychiatric hospital, and I am deeply convinced that not only treatment but not production “Permanent recidivists who are also grossly harmed and permanently damaged by the personality – after 6 months are usually permanently personally broken).
On the contrary, treatment based on absolute freedom, at your own will, systematically awakened and constantly motivated by great therapists, for whose praise my words are missing, on detailed self-knowledge and the knowledge of the nature of the problem, can not have a successful outcome. Judging by my belief, the success of your treatment should just be limited to 100%.
Dear Mr. Engineer, I would like to be a millionaire under the impression of you, I am unfortunately not. Certainly, I would pay for the healing of many helpless people who have no alternative to the state psychiatric facility.
Thank you very much for being who you are and for giving us so great help that we have underestimated alcohol.
If you find it appropriate, use this letter in your company references and treatment, including my name and (delivery) address. I also offer the possibility of talking to you about the treatment for you and the provided treatment. To do this, of course, I agree to provide my phone number to those who want to speak directly with the “graduate”.

I’m glad to meet you and thank you for your experience and advice. Power has helped us or at least me, your warning after returning about distrust surrounding, of course it happens ….
At first I was offended, but then I thought about it and found out that it was all right. Otherwise, in general, I feel very good and strong, with every new mastered test, it is better, I have some parties, but I try to be careful and humble.
I’m trying to get to you according to your “nature,” as we talked about together. Otherwise, I am surprised by the ignorance of the issue of our society (some look at me as an alien)

Dr. Peter:
I would like to give you a few words about my return to reality. The family has taken me back, including my sons, they treat me nicely, I also have them. When I returned to work, my fears were not met, I was rather surprised to accept both the director and the co-workers, it could be characterized by the relief of my colleagues that I had joined. I like the trust of my surroundings in my person, I feel obliged , just as I am bound to myself.
I would like to thank you very much for the careful preparation for a return to “life after life”, another is yet to be reported. We are still in touch with other “graduates” and are enjoying their positive news.

Hello, I am finet …. . I have a bicycle for you, it is a present to you and thank you very much as your did a really great job for me. …. You are the biggest macho in the world …. .