About us[

MMC – Minnesota method center is a private medical anonymous hotel-type facility for men and women with a 28-day program for the treatment of addiction to alcohol, drugs and gambling.

Main MMC points are:

Anonymity,  which is really important and is appreciated especially by well-known people from artistic and sports circles, politicians and entrepreneurs.

An environment that is incomparable with psychiatric hospitals. Patients in our country have a similar status and interests, their identity is not denied, and they are not forced to admit that they are society waste, as is the case in state facilities. On the contrary, our pleasant, hotel environment gives you not only the power to realize who you are and what you have managed, but also the power to take care of yourself in the fight against your addiction.

A method that is most effective in the long run with ongoing patient tracking and the possibility of overdose, family and regular stays. Within the MMC there are also outpatient care, abstinent meetings and follow-up co-operation before and after staying in therapies and meetings in Anonymous Alcoholics.

The intensity that is already noticeable when comparing the daily programs in PL and MMC. The intensity of different therapies and 28-day stay is derived from experience from the St. Gregory.

Integrity – Mr. Eng. Miroslav Maštera (founder and director of MMC in the Czech Republic) is convinced that it is also very important to have common treatment of men and women, knowledge of both patients’ views.

Ing. Miroslav Maštera Ředitel | Director

Director and Board chairman HNEDTED a.s.

PhDr. Mgr. Lucie Botorová Garant, Supervizor a Terapeut | Expert guarantor, supervisor and therapist

Rigorous Management of UP Olomouc (Psychology) Palacký University Olomouc – Faculty of Arts (Psychology) Ostrava University in Ostrava – Faculty of Arts

Mgr. Markéta Petráková Lektor, Konzultant | Coach, Consultant

CBT psychotherapeutic training University of Jan Amos Komenský, andragogy field

Mgr. Taťána Jančuková Psychologická poradkyně | Psychological Consultant

Master’s study of andragogy at UJAK. CBT Training at the CBT Institute in Hradec Králové Courses: Graphilogy, Tree Test, Basic Crisis Intervention

MgA. Oxana Herodesová Terapeut | Therapist

Arteteraphy and artefiletics

Contractual Doctors:

MuDr. Tomáš Němec

Head of Internal Hospital Brandýs nad Labem