TOPenMMC – Minnesota method centre using strong technique called CBT

Main points are:

  • Nice atmosphere of the sport hotel centre, where we have our own floor and a conference room
  • Exceptional intensive program (CBT) taken from Minnesota clinic, unique in Europe. It is complex and intensive therapeutic program based on individual and small group psychotherapeutic sessions.
  • Additional therapeutic activities: yoga, meditation, swmming pool, sauna, fitness centre, regeneration and relaxation room, sport activities, massages, bikes rental, shooting reange and golf (Mstětice 8km)
  • Anonymity and certainty of discreet treatment. Your diagnose will not be registered anywhere. Our certificate may help you in the case of court trial in relation to use of alcohol or drugs dependence (up to 50% of the punishment).

Are you dependent, tired, stressed and very sick? After our treatment you will be optimistic and fresh at any age, you know exactly what you want from life and how to achieve this, you know how to prevent crisis situations and who will help you. You will also experience that an addiction treatment can be carried out with dignity.

It is possible to find 28 days even in busy schedule, if one really wants change in her or his life. Moreover, bear in mind that during this treatment you can keep in touch with your work or family using your phone, laptop, etc.

MMC is an original project with the trademark. Unfortunately, sometimes it is copied by forgers who do not operate at the required quality.


Frequently Asked Questions:

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